Hi-Res ! 2014 09 02 - London - GQ Men Of The Year Awards by Anthony Harvey

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Caption : LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 02:  Benedict Cumberbatch attends the GQ Men of the Year awards at The Royal Opera House on September 2, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Anthony Harvey)


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Please share one thing you have in common with Sherlock Holmes. =)
- dex5m


Hum…I think what I have in common with Sherlock is that I don’t feel very confortable to show my feelings and I have a certain difficulty with friendships. I always try to show to the ones I care, how much they’re important to me, but I always think I’m doing something wrong. So yeah, I struggle a lot with all the social things.

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Yo, Cumberbitch! We’re gonna have full photo coverage of the Toronto Film Festival in a few days, so we just wanted to give you a heads up! We’ll have lots of Benedict pictures at the fest soon! Follow us to Get The Picture first. LOVE YAAA
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Hey! Thanks for the heads up! I can’t wait for the pictures! xx

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Benedict Cumberbatch reacts to Sherlock & his Emmy win [x]

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Ben C is too thirsty for questions [x]

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 ”Who would some of your heroes be?” “Colin Firth.” - Benedict Cumberbatch

"I take no pleasure in feeling humbled, but there’s no getting around it. [Benedict] must be stopped." - Colin Firth

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Recently I reached my 1st K so I decided to celebrate with a Follower Forever. I follow like… 1000 blogs (really, I’m not kidding) and I love each and every single one of you, but I have to choose a few for this 1st Follower Forever, so I guess I forget a lot of people (sorry!!!… and if you think you should be here, just message me).

So, that’s it. Oh, and of course I want to say thanks to all my amazing followers, really, I love you guys!!!

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Thank you very much! <3

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On my phone and on my way to bed but I had to share these before sleeping ;)

Buy: https://t.co/d0Lg5cM6UN

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somebody stop me


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Benedict for GQ’s Actor Of The Year 2014

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Benedict Cumberbatch in British GQ magazine-Actor of the Year

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"It’s nice to be able to turn to an award ceremony for a change, I wish i’d been there but, erm, It was an amazing honour. I really couldn’t be there. I’m still sort of slightly giddy with it and it’s a lovely thing for the programme. We won a lot that night!"

Benedict Cumberbatch, on winning his Emmy for BBC Sherlock

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