Madame Tussauds - The Making of Benedict Cumberbatch screencaps (x)

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Wonder when Benedict will get to inspect the final product :D

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Benedict Cumberbatch - Conversations with Smaug [x]

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More Smaug Behind the Scenes footage

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Benedict Cumberbatch ➙ Dotted face + undershirt.

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Benedict Cumberbatch plays Richard III during rehearsals 

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Quick trip to Tussaud’s to see the new waxwork today.  Whilst the expression is quite intent, the likeness is incredible.

The expression was chosen by Benedict in conjunction with the artist.  John Cormican, who sculpted the work, described how it’s quite a tough process for a sitter.  You have to hold the pose and expression for around three hours, lots of measurements.  John said Benedict was one of the most kind hearted people he had ever met.  Not just in his line of work, but ever.  He was very warm and a pleasure to spend that time with.  John is himself a Primetime Emmy winning prosthetic artist and so they had something to talk about there.  He really couldn’t speak highly enough of Benedict’s time with the Tussaud’s team.

The hands are casts of Benedict’s own.

Oddly, Jeremy Paxman was there filming something on Churchill. He spent a bit of time talking to visitors to the Benedict waxwork.  He described meeting Benedict at a party.  He was with his children who wanted to meet Benedict so despite not knowing him, Jeremy went and introduced himself and the children.  He said Benedict was brilliant with them, and got them talking about their exams and what was happening in their lives.  Again, reported as being a lovely chap.

Interesting details. Thanks, lovely!

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Congrats Benedict Cumberbatch on your recognition, but I’m the one looking like wax in this shot.

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Madame Tussauds - The Making of Benedict Cumberbatch

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Separate post for this screen cap because this ISN’T REAL BENEDICT. JUST WOW.

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The making of Benedict’s wax figure (X)

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Madam Tussauds - The making of Benedict Cumberbatch [x]

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The Making of Benedict’s wax figure (X)

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